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Get Certified with the Starguard Lifeguard Test

Are you looking for an exciting job? Have you thought about becoming a lifeguard? If you can pass the Starguard lifeguard test, you’ll have the valuable training and certification you need to find a job that lets you soak up the sun and earn money at the same time! With the great resources at iLifeguard, […]

Find Atlanta Lifeguard Jobs

School is out, summer is almost officially here, and the temps are rising. It’s still not too late to find a job for the summer, and beyond! Why not find something exciting that keeps you in shape and away from a counter or desk? You can learn lifesaving skills, work by the water, and soak […]

Atlanta Certified Lifeguard Training

Spring is here, and pool season is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to think about summer jobs, and what better way to make some money and soak up the sun then being a lifeguard? For the Atlanta certified lifeguard training you need to get the best jobs, you’ve come to the right […]

Certified Atlanta Lifeguard Training

Looking for a new job that keeps you fit and teaches you lifesaving skills in the process? How does the idea of getting paid for hanging out by the pool sound? Welcome to iLifeguard, the premier source for Atlanta lifeguard certification. As part of the Sweetwater Pools family, our network stretches across the Southeast, from […]

Get Starguard Certification

We’re in the thick of winter right now, so it might be hard to imagine jumping in the pool. Have you been thinking of more fun in the sun? Why not work as a lifeguard and get paid to spend time by the pool? With Starguard certification, you’ll get valuable training and a job that […]

Get Lifeguard Training Today

Have you been thinking of getting a lifeguard job, but not sure where to start? Looking for a reliable resource to get lifeguard training in Atlanta? Ready for a fun, exciting job that also gives you valuable training and gets you out in the sunshine? A great place to start is right here at iLifeguard. […]

Certified Lifeguard Training Atlanta

Summer may be over, and school back in full swing, but it’s never a bad time to consider training for a new job. If you’re looking for a part-time job now, or looking forward to spring or summer jobs already, why not think about being a lifeguard? For an exciting position that also gives you […]

Atlanta Lifeguard Jobs

Have you been thinking about finding an exciting job that keeps you in shape and away from a counter or desk? Would you be interested in learning lifesaving skills and working outside by the water? There are lifeguard jobs waiting for you with proper training and time invested. Welcome to iLifeguard, the premier source for […]

Become a Certified Lifeguard Atlanta

Pool season is in full swing, and before you know it, school will be back in session. Still, it’s never too late to think about jobs for the fall, and maybe even next spring and summer. If you’ve been looking for something exciting that also gives you meaningful life skills and experience, why not consider […]

Starguard Lifeguard Training

Summer is almost here, but it’s still not too late to consider finding a job for the coming months. Have you been thinking about being a lifeguard, but not sure where to begin? Welcome to iLifeguard, your go to source for training and placement when it comes to lifeguard work in metro Atlanta. With our […]