starguard lifeguard certification

Starguard Lifeguard Certification

Are you looking for resources to get Starguard lifeguard certification in Atlanta? Ready for a fun, exciting job that also gives you valuable training and gets you out in the sunshine? It’s easy to get started with the help of our team here at iLifeguard. With our program, you’ll receive proper training and gain the confidence needed to work in any lifeguard situation. Also, with our friends at Sweetwater Pools, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for placement once the training is done. With locations across the Southeast, you’ll have access to one of the best, most respected programs in the industry, and a large network of exciting options from neighborhood pools to waterparks and more.

Start the process with a simple visit to our website to fill out a pre-employment packet. Whether or not you have prior experience, or this is your first time considering lifeguard training, anyone is encouraged to apply. More than anything, the qualifications you need are a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and the desire to guard and protect others. Let’s talk a bit more about some of the advantages you’ll get with iLifeguard below. Get your Starguard lifeguard certification and get ready for an exciting new job opportunity!

starguard lifeguard certification

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So you’re thinking about becoming a lifeguard, but not sure where to start? Let iLifeguard help you get Starguard lifeguard certification and be your resource for training, job placement, and more. If you’re over 15 and ready to learn, come visit us online and start your application now. What makes us such a good place to get certified?

It starts with the quality of training. We’re proud to be the Regional Training Center for Starfish Aquatics, an industry leading training and certification company. With the StarGuard course, you’ll complete a world-class lifeguard curriculum and build the foundational skills you’ll need for any guard position. Candidates will learn emergency first aid, surveillance, drowning prevention, aquatic safety and more. This course will leave you with a skill level that exceeds many basic certification programs, and that can be applied to many other scenarios in life beyond lifeguarding. So if this sounds like something you’re ready to pursue, we’d love to see you soon. Visit us on to learn more about the program, fill out an application, and take steps towards training today! Get your Starguard lifeguard certification with iLifeguard!