reasons to be a lifeguard

Reasons to Be a Lifeguard This Summer

Looking for something fun and rewarding to do with your summer? Why not pursue an opportunity that gives you skills that will last a lifetime, while also letting you hang out in the sun and by the pool? If you haven’t thought of it yet, there are plenty of reasons to be a lifeguard this summer. Welcome to iLifeguard, the Southeast’s premier source for lifeguard recruitment, certification, and training. Whether you’re a beginner with no experience, or looking to further your training and get up to date on certifications, we can help.

Your training will be completed through the Starfish Aquatics StarGuard course. The course teaches all the skills any lifeguard would need for future work at positions from neighborhood pools to restricted waterfronts. You’ll learn things like drowning prevention, surveillance, and even emergency care and stabilization skills that you’ll be able to carry forward into life far beyond guard work. Overall, the certification course will leave you prepared to be the most competent and confident lifeguard you can be. Beyond training, you’ll get help getting job placement thanks to our network of contacts here at iLifeguard.

reasons to be a lifeguard

Some Great Reasons to Be a Lifeguard


  • A Rewarding, Valuable Job It’s great to get paid for any job, but it feels even better doing something to make your community safer. This is both a rewarding job, and a long-term set of skills you’ll carry forward.
  • Learn Life Saving Skills. You’ll receive top notch training in First Aid, CPR, AED training and more, plus you’ll be getting paid!
  • Physical Fitness You’ll work outside, and stay fit with your training and daily exercise. Laps in the pool, work in the sun and fresh air. Not all jobs can match that!
  • Teamwork and Friendship You’ll work and train with your fellow lifeguards. More than coworkers, they become your friends through a sense of togetherness and mutual respect.
  • Resume builder As with any job, you’ll be building your resume, but also acquiring  first aid and safety skills that can carry on to any life situation. Plus, you’ll learn responsibility, quick thinking, maturity, and good communication.


So there a just a few of the many reasons to be a lifeguard. The first step is asking yourself a few simple questions. Are your responsible and hard-working, and do you want to be vigilant and look after the safety of others? If yes, then the next step is scheduling an interview online. Start by filling out a pre-employment packet online, and once we’ve reviewed your application, it’ll be time to start the training course.

So beyond these reasons to be a lifeguard, why work with iLifeguard? Beyond all the great training and skills,  we have a large network of guard opportunities and a strong support structure for all your guard needs. The Guard Shack online platform gives our guards a place to purchase suits, connect with other guards, and get helpful answers and continue training. So if you’re ready to be a lifeguard, come see us online, fill out the pre-employment packet, and let’s get started today!