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Get Certified Lifeguard Training

Spring has sprung, and before you know it, pool season will be in full swing. If you’ve been wondering what to do this summer, why not consider becoming a certified lifeguard ? It won’t be long until pools of all types are going to be opening, and with that comes the need for lifeguards. Whether you’re a looking to be a lifeguard for the summer, or you’re a facility manager in need of new hires, we can help. Here at iLifeguard, we provide the training you need to become a certified lifeguard. From metro Atlanta to Nashville and beyond, we help aspiring guards get training, and managers fill positions from neighborhood pools to aquatic centers to waterparks. Focus on the other aspects of your facilities management, and let us handle the lifeguards!

Our training starts with a thorough hiring process and then provide industry leading training and guidance to guards of all skill and experience levels. Are you in school, but hoping to get a job for the summer? Whether you just want a few extra dollar from weekend shifts, or are looking for full-time positions and needing to recertify, we can help. Beginners or experienced guards alike, the main qualification needed is a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and a desire to put the safety and lives of others as a priority. If you’re looking for a fun, exciting way to spend time in the sun and make money this summer, read on to learn more about our certification programs.

certified lifeguard

How iLifeguard Can Help You Become a Certified Lifeguard


For certified lifeguard training, the place to go is iLifeguard. We offer the best training and education you can find, preparing you for a wide variety of potential lifeguard postings. It all starts with the top notch Starfish Aquatics StarGuard course. This course will prepare you for jobs at swimming pools, waterparks, waterfront areas, and more. You’ll receive comprehensive training in areas like first aid and CPR, surveillance, drowning prevention, and more. In addition, with your training in preventing further injury and emergency CPR, you’ll have skills that you can always carry forward throughout your life.

After the training is done, there is plenty more that we can help with. As we mentioned, pool and facilities managers look to us for help managing lifeguard staffing. Hiring, scheduling, and even uniforms and continuing training. We can do it all! For a newly certified lifeguard, our large network of clients means more employment opportunities to choose from. The first step is simply filling out our pre-employment packet. So if you want more info on becoming a lifeguard, check us out online today, and get started with iLifeguard!