starguard lifeguard certification

Starguard Lifeguard Certification

Are you considering jobs for the summer? Why not work as a lifeguard? With Starguard lifeguard certification, you’ll get valuable training and a job that lets you soak up the sun and earn money at the same time! With the great resources at iLifeguard, you’ll get the proper training and confidence needed to work in any lifeguard setting. As a member of the Sweetwater Pools family, our reach extends well beyond Atlanta across the Southeast. From Charlotte to Nashville to Atlanta, our training program successfully prepares candidates for placement in lifeguard positions in their respective cities, and you can be next!

Get started with a simple visit to our website to fill out a pre-employment packet. Whether you’ve got some past experience, or are just a beginner eager to learn, the most important thing you’ll need is a hard-working attitude, positive attitude and a desire to be vigilant and guard other’s safety. So if you’re ready to explore further, read on to learn more about our program, and get ready to reserve your spot in an upcoming Starguard lifeguard certification class.

starguard lifeguard certification

Top Notch Training with iLifeguard and Starguard Lifeguard Certification


If you’ve been thinking of becoming a lifeguard, but been unsure about where to start, the team at iLifeguard is here to help. With the Starguard lifeguard certification, you’ll be getting the best in training and resources to prepare you for the job. No worries if you have no experience. We’re looking for responsible, hard workers, who are ready to learn proper lifeguard skills and over 15 years of age. So what sets our program apart? As a member of the Sweetwater Pools family, we’re proud to be the Regional Training Center for Starfish Aquatics. The training and certification focuses on the StarGuard course. This world-class lifeguard curriculum will give you a strong foundation in skills such as aquatic safety, emergency first aid, surveillance, and drowning prevention.

Once completed, candidates have achieved a very high standard that exceeds many other basic lifeguard courses, and can confidently move forward into the next phase of actually working at the pool. Plus, you’ll also come away from the training with life-saving skills and knowledge that will serve you throughout life, whether or not you’re an active guard. Once trained and placed through our extensive network of contacts, iLifeguard employees can look forward to continued support and resources. With the Guard Shack online feature, you’re able to order uniforms, get training resources, and meet other guards.  So visit us today at to learn more about how to apply and start your training today. Find a great job this summer, and let’s get started on your Starguard lifeguard certification now!