5 Reason To Be A Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is the ultimate summer job!

Don’t just drift this summer. Jump into the water and join the Sweetwater Lifeguard Team to enjoy yourself, make money, and make a difference! Becoming a lifeguard is a wonderful decision for many reasons. Here are a few of our top reasons to be a lifeguard:

Make a Difference

  • Making a difference instead of just making money. Don’t just get a paycheck – get paid to make your community a safer place. Enjoy a job that’s rewarding instead of just something to do. Being a lifeguard will make your family proud, and turn you into a good role model for younger siblings or children.
  • Learn how to save lives. Get paid to learn incredibly important and useful skills that you’ll hopefully never have to use, but will remember for years to come. Anyone would benefit from First Aid, CPR, or AED training. Now you’ll get paid to become equipped with lifesaving knowledge!

Lifeguard Team

  • Stay in shape while working outside. Lifeguards need to stay fit in order to be able to perform their lifesaving duties as quickly as possible. And, of course, they get to enjoy plenty of laps in the pool. Work outside in the sunshine and fresh air, and get to work around water this summer!
  • Become a part of a team and make friends. Lifeguards aren’t just any coworkers; they work together to save lives! A lifeguard team means having a sense of togetherness and mutual respect that’s much more rewarding than standard workplace friendships.  Sweetwater Pools employs over 1,000 lifeguards a year. Whether you’re working at a one or multi-lifeguarded pool, just know that you are always part of a team.
  • Improve your resume and impress future employers by stating that you were an accomplished lifeguard. Apart from the first aid and safety skills, lifeguards also need to be responsible, quick thinkers, mature, have good customer service & communication skills, and have great concentration. All of which are impressive to any future employer.